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Triangles on a Roll


Triangles on a Roll

$12.00 each

Triangles on a Roll grid paper is the answer to the half-square and quarter square triangle dilemma. It offers the most efficient and flexible method for making triangles. The paper is a pattern for sewing and cutting. It is printed on a roll of paper that enables you to make as many or as few triangles as you want with two different fabrics, or use two to four different fabrics for quarter square triangles. No more cutting on the bias, no more measuring and cutting 7/8 inches, all seam allowances are included in the pattern. All you have to do is select your fabrics, pin them together with the paper, sew and cut! You will have accurate half square or quarter square triangles in a jiffy with a minimum of hassle.

(Note from Wendy at Quilting Made Easy: These triangles are far superior to other triangle paper products available. Triangles on a Roll are made from the same easy to tear away paper as my Quilting Made Easy patterns. The other brands use a heavier bond paper that is difficult to tear away and more likely to pull your stitching. Also, no strips to cut and most sizes are fat quarter friendly.)

2.0″ finished Half Square

2.5″ finished Half Square

3.0″ finished Half Square

4.0″ finished Half Square

2.0″ finished Quarter Square

3.0″ finished Quarter Square


6.0″ finished Half Square

 $12.00 each


4.0″ Sew & Fold

Sew and Fold

Sew and Fold on a Roll is a 50 foot roll of paper with a color grid you use to properly construct flying geese or braids. The method used is commonly referred to as sew and flip. You pre-cut pieces of fabric, and then place them on top of the paper, using it as a guide to properly place your pieces. This method helps keep your geese and braids straight. This size makes geese 4 inches wide by 2 inch high. Braid sizes vary depending upon how you cut the fabric.