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Quilting Made Easy

Welcome to Quilting Made Easy

Quilting Made Easy patterns help beginning quilters feel comfortable with quilting their own quilts. Experienced quilters also appreciate the ease of use and elimination of the step of marking a quilt before quilting.

There are 38 patterns in varying widths and levels of difficulty.

All the patterns in the #100 series are geared towards beginning machine quilters. Because the feed dogs are not dropped and the machine
can control the stitch length, the results are professional looking giving the quilter the confidence to proceed to free-motion quilting (200, 300 & 400 series patterns).

Corner patterns and instructions are included in the core or printed on the pattern strip. There are also two sizes of blank paper available with adhesive on the edges for the quilter that would like to design their own pattern. Quilting Made Easy patterns can be used with your home sewing machine and Longarm quilters can use these patterns as a pantograph.


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#404 Borders Made Easy
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- Finished stitching width is 2.5″
- Recommended for 3″-6″ finished borders
- Corner patterns included in core
- Level of difficulty 2-3
- 26′ of pattern/roll
- Price indicated is PER ROLL

Regular price $15.45


Recycled Button Magnet
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You will be amazed at the strength of these whimsical magnets. Handmade using recycled, vintage, and previously loved buttons, each magnet is truly a one-of-a-kind. Great for the kitchen, office, or on that school locker. Durable, strong, and just plain fun! Assorted stacked buttons, 1.5" wide Various colors.
$4.00 /each